6 Free Ways to Promote Your Website – Easy and Free to Apply

The online business has been running well for the past years. It has expanded vastly as technology improved and gained network all around the globe. Online business owners depend on the internet to promote their products and sell them in different kinds of websites that they create. And to gain traffic, they must advertise or improve another website where they can increase people’s attention. Promoting a website sometimes requires you to pay for your site to reach the viewers. But nowadays there are ways for you to promote your website for free. This can help you gain more traffic and improve your business without spending a dime.

Here are the ways for you to promote your website free and easy.

  1. Directory Listing – This is a low hanging fruit that you must do before any other activities. It is easy, and it can be done in minutes. It gives you that first boost you need to show people and search engines that your site is live and ready for business. List your site into the following listing sites:

2. Guest Posts – This is another easy to do activity. The strategy here is to submit an article about your service or product to other article listing sites. The articles ultimately promote your business, and they will lead traffic to your website. Start submitting your blog post to the following sites:

3. Facebook – Facebook is a widely used social media that almost everyone in the world is using. During the first few years of Facebook, their main goal is to connect and reconnect people from all over the world. And until now, it stands for a lot of things. People use Facebook for a lot of reasons. One of which is to promote a certain business and allow people to see what they are selling. Having a Facebook page or an account will allow you to write down the details of your product, allowing the people to know what you have. No need to pay any fees; keep on sharing until your site becomes famous.

4. Instagram – Instagram is just like Facebook. It is another social media account that allows you to share mainly photos and description of your product. You can promote your website here and give a teaser on what you are selling and allow people to view what you have without spending a lot of money. You will even have the option to have a business page or a business account so that you will know the statistics of how many people have been viewing your website or your account. 

5. Quora – Quora is a massive online forum that involves anyone who follows a specific topic. You can ask questions and answer questions from people. You can even contribute articles to keep people informed. This is also one internet site where you can promote your website. 

6. Twitter – Twitter is the same with Facebook and Instagram, where people get to share their thoughts with a limited number of characters. This is where you had the opportunity to limit and choose your words correctly when you promote your site. And if you follow a specific hashtag, you will get updates about it. This is good when you have your tag so that the people will be able to follow it and see an update on what you have quickly.  

7. Reddit – If you are looking for a page that allows you to write a lot of information about your particular product, Reddit is the best one. You can share everything that you want to talk about your website in Reddit. You can talk about what you have to offer the people. You can automatically connect and share the article with the different social media platforms easily. 

8. Email Marketing – Email marketing is another easy and free way for you to promote your website without a sweat. But it takes a lot of work though because you need to collect or gather enough email addresses for you to reach people. But it is an assurance that the people will be able to receive it. 

Ecommerce businesses are growing very fast. Almost everyone has invested and brought up a lot of strategies to keep their business up. And free advertising is one of the ways for you to promote your product and gain traffic. One thing to keep the traffic coming in is to have informative and engaging content on your page. Be sure that the first sentence or the picture that you post is catchy to keep the attention of the viewers. It is another strategy as a business owner that you must know. Nowadays, you can link your website to different social media or website that supports advertising. All you have to do is to keep the content informative to continue the viewers reading and possibly share your page. 

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