7 Free Ways to Promote a Small Business Online

To get us a great head-start, let’s run down quick reasons you should promote your business. The first is you’re small. To get it to the market, you need to be known. That is the one way that you can reach your prospect, increase your revenue, and grow your business. Your audience is essential to the process. 

The more of them, the higher your chances are of growing your business. You need to reach as many people as possible. The internet is a vast space that makes it possible, saved from the added cost. It doesn’t have to be that complex. 

Different platforms are available. Careful attention needs to be paid, however. Starting as a small potato and maintaining a business requires a very diligent and strategic approach when it comes to cost-cutting. You don’t want to throw in your money to frills that do not return well. 

Fastest and Easiest Method

The fastest and easiest way is to post your business on free advertising sites. We have put a mixed list of classifieds, business listing, and blogs here. Go ahead and get listed on them:

  1. FreeAdsTime.org
  2. H1ad.com
  3. Yookalo.com
  4. ClassifiedsFactor.com
  5. WallClassifieds.com
  6. FinderMaster.com
  7. AdvertiseEra.com
  8. Ads.Shopolop.com
  9. Ad.Ologames.com
  10. Ads.DigitalMarketingHints.com
  11. RectangleAd.com
  12. Clickooz.com
  13. Xoocal.com
  14. SuperAdPost.com
  15. Articles.h1ad.com
  16. Blog.yookalo.com
  17. Story.wallclassifieds.com
  18. Article.classifiedsfactor.com
  19. Blogs.findermaster.com
  20. Article.advertiseera.com
  21. Blog.Shopolop.com
  22. Ologames.com
  23. Blog.FreeAdsTime.org
  24. BloggersRoad.com
  25. TheBlogArena.com
  26. SearchengineLibro.com
  27. Latestseosites.com
  28. Superseosites.com
  29. FoundationBacklink.com
  30. SEOCheckin.com
  31. DigitalMarketingHints.com

Now let’s explore some of more time consuming yet working methods.

1. Be Active on Social Media

Everybody is on social media that the online community has now become synonymous with Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest people – to name a few. To extend your reach to as many people as possible, it will pay off well to be relevant as possible on social media. Under its hood is several different platforms where you can build branding. The great news is you won’t have to pay for most of them. Put in the contents and fill them with images, videos, and snippets of texts, then you have an engaging and exciting post.  

Social media is a straightforward podium that allows you to create an image for your brand or your blossoming business. It is where you talk, sell, and – of course – promote your product or service. 

Using it needs to be effectual, however. So it can be, you need to do it at a regular interval. Consistency is the key. You have to manifest reliability. The way to do is is by making other people feel that behind all the contents is a human being. Do not be on social media for the sake of being present. Utilize it well. 

2. Create Youtube Videos

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the planet – after Google. Anything that you type in the search bar will get you more than enough results. What makes it better and unique is that what you get are videos. It’s more, yet engaging to your clients. 

Isn’t it more encouraging to watch a video than to read a long set of texts? 

So, create a video and put it in public by posting it on Youtube. If you explore the possibilities and the excellent outcomes that it can give you, the rewards will be fruitful. 

The competition can be a little tough, though. So, right from the get-go, you are required to make your videos as substantial as possible. Like being active with social media, you will have to do it regularly. What’s great in using it to your advantage is it’s easy to embed or be posted on different social media platforms. You put your video right there, or post it on Facebook or on someone else’s blog; then you’re set. 

3. Collaborate and Contribute

This applies to every endeavor that you venture into online. This cannot be understated enough. The key to bolstering your online presence is to team up. The internet, despite that it is vast, can be crowded. The upshot for that is you can contribute and work with others who you share similar clients. It’s a strategic way to build a reputation and establish a relationship with other people who you share the same niche. So, how can you do it? You can do a guest post in exchange for being able to promote your product. You can also invite them to do a guest post on your platform. Offer what you can uniquely do. 

4. Join and Participate in Online Communities

By joining communities, you will be able to share what you have, both when it comes to your knowledge and the product that you sell. There is a lot of it available, but the two most popular platforms now are Quora and Reddit. Participate in the discussions. Its benefit is you get to touch-base to the people who might already be interested in the product that you sell or service that you offer. Share them the knowledge and educate them, because they are willing to listen. Much more to that, they can give you an idea of the strengths and the weaknesses of your product.

5. Apply Basic SEO 

Learning the basics of SEO and being knowledgeable about shouldn’t cost you a dime. While there are paid training and tools that can help you learn more efficiently, there are available free resources that you can turn to everywhere. The idea is familiarity. Learn the basics and do it well, then SEO might just work its way for your business to flourish. 

But why engage with SEO? Well, doing it and following its guidelines will increase your chances dramatically to rank higher in Google. Ranking, in the purest sense, is your popularity in Google’s search engine. So, if you rank the highest among your competitors, you are already ahead of the game. Some big companies hire people to take charge of this. Those guys don’t do anything else except continually optimizing the company’s web pages. You don’t have to hire people to do this. Maybe, not yet. So, do it on your own with the basics. You have equipped yourself with the rudiments for the meantime while you are starting small and growing your business. 

6. Put a Personal Touch and Send Emails

Ask yourself: How will you get your audience’s trust? 

The online community is often filled with litters as it is accessible to almost anyone. 

Now, if you would like to make a difference and be unique, you will need to put in a personal touch. Technology is often attributed to not having an emotion. But, the internet is now a tool for communication. 

Think of it that way to bring you closer to people no matter how great the distance is. Send them an email that is personalized by including their name in it. Do not barge in promoting your product right away. Initiate a conversation as if your end-goal is to build a relationship. Then, you maintain it that way. You introduce yourself as if you’re trying to make a friendship. The last thing you want is you make them feel that you’re a stranger – or even worse, a robot that is nothing but a nuisance. You need to make them feel special as if the email that you sent is specially customized for them. It is not difficult to do. After all, you’re a human being.

7. Do a Podcast

The podcast is another thoroughfare where you can get heard. You might be thinking that it’s outmoded. Let me stop you there. To this day, it continues to have a firm footing in the number of people. You record yourself and get your prospect to hear it. 

It needs to be educational, however, and not aggressively promotional. So, even if publishing your content through a podcast is a viable option, your content will profoundly matter. It doesn’t change the fact that your content is your key to the audience’s trust and getting them to buy your product and pay for your services. 

The final note

Running a business is more than running a business. 

When you want it to blossom and have people trust you, you need to be more than a business establishment. Before you are that, you first are an educator. Hence, in every step of the way of promotion, you need to be as generous in sharing your knowledge. Nothing will be more helpful than telling your audience that you have the answer to their needs. And when starting small, it is rewarding to learn every avenue as possible to reach out to people, so you won’t have to splash in your money into those that you could have gotten for free. 

It may require more effort, but the amount of learning you can get from it and the skills you can gain will give you a bonus that will, later on, prove advantageous.

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