Post an Article – Details Five

This step is quite straightforward as well. It enables you to enter your TikTok page URL if you have one. Of course, please enter it only if it is relevant to the posting that you’re entering right now. The purpose of adding this URL is that it can show up on your ad listing page, and that the visitors find value in it.

For example, if you run a marketing firm, entering your TikTok page URL can show others how many followers you have and how often you put updates out there. Yet again, it can work as a trust builder between you and your readers.

Please make sure to enter the complete URL of your TikTok page if you decide to enter it into the field below. Our systems don’t recognize TikTok accounts or usernames, and it will only recognize the full URL of a TikTok page. Please also double-check the URL after entering it, ensuring there’s no typo or mistakes in it.

TikTok Page URL (Optional):

You can simply leave the field blank and proceed with the next step if this is what you prefer. You can also always change your answer in the future; for example, you can edit, add, or remove the number in the future.