Post an Article – Details Four

This page enables you to enter your Twitter page URL, and we will display this URL on your ad listing if you enter it into the field below.

This step is optional; however, we recommend you to enter your Twitter page URL if you have a Twitter account and if your Twitter page is relevant to the listing that you’re adding right now. This will help visitors to trust you more by checking your Twitter page.

Please make sure you’re entering the correct URL into the field below, as the wrong URLs will be removed from the website. The best method to ensure that you have the correct URL is probably to copy and paste it from the address bar of a browser.

Yet again, entering data into this field is optional, and you can simply leave it blank if this is what you prefer. After all, not all of us have a Twitter page that might be relevant to the listing you’re doing right now.

Twitter Page URL (Optional):

You can simply leave the field blank and proceed with the next step if this is what you prefer. You can also always change your answer in the future; for example, you can edit, add, or remove the number in the future.