Profile Creation 7

Many of the submitted articles have come from businesses, and they have requested us to add this question to the creating a profile process.

The question is rather optional, and this is why we have the other option. Feel free to choose the other option if you believe this question is irrelevant to your articles.

Account Type:

Of course, if your articles are around business solutions, select the business option. If your articles are mostly around general non-business topics, select the individual account.

Either way, the articles can be posted for free of charge, so choose the option you see as the best fit. Yet again, you can select the other option if you prefer not to specify the account type.

You can also change the account type in the future if you decided to change your answer to this question. Simply use the backend system or send a message using the contact form provided. The link to the contact form is at the bottom of the pages.