Profile Creation 8 – Recovery Question Five

This page enables you to add an answer to the fifth account recovery question. This will make the recovery process quite easier if you happen to forget your credentials for the Yookalo blog. The field is optional; however, we recommend you enter it.

Add Recovery Answers (Optional)

What is the name of the town where you were born?

Please note that answering these recovery questions is optional, and you can simply leave the field blank if this is what you prefer.

Of course, you can use the entered information to gain access to the details you have provided, and this is why we recommend you not to leave them empty.

There are six questions in total, and this page has the fifth question. Yet again, answering these questions is optional. If needed, we will only use the answers you haven’t left empty to help you with the recovery process. If you decide to leave all answers blank, we can use your email address to help you with the recovery process.